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Lawler's Part Foods | Take Away Deals


Lawler’s Party Trays:

If you are hosting a party- why not take the stress of cooking off your shoulders with our delicious great value party trays.

Party trays are a great option when planning a party but are short on time!

Choose from a combination of potato wedges, cocktail sausages, chicken nuggets and chicken tenders

Order party trays individually or choose from the specially selected party mix options below:


Lawler’s Potato Wedges
Lawler’s Cocktail Sausages
Lawler’s Chicken Nuggets
Lawler’s Chicken Tenders

Spicy Chicken Wings

spring-rolls-smallMini Spring Rolls

southern-fried-chicken-smallLawler’s Southern/Fried Chicken Selection


Lawler’s Party Mixes:

Each option below caters for 20-25 persons. 3 Dips included with each option- choose from Garlic Mayo, BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Curry, Ketchup.

Party Mix Option 1 –  €54.95:

Lawler's party Mix- Option 1

(1 x tray of wedges, 1 x tray of cocktail sausages, 1 x tray of chicken nuggets, 1 x tray of  chicken tenders)

Party Mix Option 2 – €49.95:

Party Mix Option 2

(2 x tray of wedges, 2 x tray of  chicken tenders)

Party Mix Option 3 – €44.95:

Party Mix option 3

(2 x tray of wedges, 2 x tray of  chicken nuggets)

Party Mix Option 4 – €44.95:

Party Mix Option 4

(2 x tray of wedges, 2 x tray of  cocktail sausages)

Terms & Conditions: One-day notice is required for all party food orders. Prices are subject to change at management’s discretion without prior notice.

Please inform your server about any food allergies!

Warning: Bones may be present in chicken, fish menu items.

Ref: Meal Deals- please refer to the individual items on the menu for details on allergens present.