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Salads, Wraps, Baguettes, Take Away Menu Lawler's of Morriscastle


Full Flavour Wraps



Sweet Chilli Chicken  Wrap
Chicken tenders with iceberg lettuce, sweet chilli sauce. (G,E,S,CY,MD)
Hail Chicken Caesar
Warm chicken tenders, bacon, crispy iceberg lettuce, caesar dressing & parmesan shavings (G,E,F,MK,CY,MD)
Easy Cheese Chicken
Warm chicken tenders, rocket, fresh tomato, red cheddar & mayo. (G,E,MD)
Sweet Chilli Beef 
Grilled steak strips, peppers, onions, crispy iceberg lettuce, topped with mayo & sweet chilli sauce. (G,E,S,MK,CY,MD)



Spicy Chicken & Bacon Wrap ***New***
Sensational combo of chicken strips, crispy bacon, fresh tomato, lettuce with cool mayo & tangy tomato chilli sauce. (G,E,S,CY,MD)
Spicy Bag Wrap – NEW
Chicken strips, fried peppers & onions, fresh rocket sprinkled with spice mix topped with tangy tomato chilli & cool mayo 



Please inform your server about any food allergies!


Allergies Abbreviations: G-Gluten,C- Crustaceans, E-Eggs, F-Fish, M – Molluscs, S- Soybean, P- Peanuts, N- Nuts, MK- Milk, CY- Celery, MD- Mustard, SS- Sesame Seeds, SP – Sulphates, L-Lupin
All 14 allergens are openly used throughout our kitchen. Trace amounts may be present at all stages of cooking.


Warning: Bones may be present in chicken, fish menu items.


Ref: Meal Deals- please refer to the individual items on the menu for details on allergens present.