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Kebabs Take Away Menu Lawler's of Morriscastle


Made with Lawler’s own pitta bread, freshly baked in store…

Doner Kebab
Doner strips, iceberg lettuce, red & white cabbage with tomato & chilli & mint mayo. (G,E,S,MK)
Steak Kebab
Steak strips, iceberg lettuce, red & white cabbage with sweet chilli & mayo sauce. (G,E,S,CY,MD)
Taco Kebab (with cheddar cheese)
Spicy taco mince, iceberg lettuce, red & white cabbage, grated cheese & taco sauce. (G,E,S,MK,CY,MD)
Chicken  Kebab
Chicken fillet, iceberg lettuce, red & white cabbage with tomato chilli & herb garlic mayo. (G,E,S,CY,MD)

Chicken BBQ Kebab                                                                                                                

Chicken fillet , iceberg lettuce , red & white cabbage with BBQ Sauce                                                                     €6.75

Vegetarian Kebab

Diced vegetarian patty, iceberg lettuce, red & white cabbage with tomato chilli & herb garlic mayo. (G,E,MK,MD)

Kebab Trays
Served in a tray with chips, Crisp Lettuce, Red/White Cabbage and sauces, Choose doner, steak or chicken. (Please Cross-reference Dip Allergens & Kebabs)
Lawler’s Triple Meat Kebab ***New***
All the best of the doner, steak strips, chicken, iceberg lettuce, red & white cabbage with tomato chilli and garlic mayo. (G,E,S,CY,MD)

“Lawler’s Falafel” New

Morocan Falafel, red and white cabbage, red onion, fresh rocket with tomato & garlic mayo


Are you a sucker for a good Kebab?  A good kebab is not just a late night booze sponge as some like to assume. A great kebab is a wonderful thing – a perfect marriage of succulent, subtly spiced meat, pillowy bread and fresh, crunchy salad. Loaded with tasty meats and vegetables, Lawler’s kebabs are just de-licious! No wonder people travel to get some from all over! Whats more our pitta bread is baked fresh daily in our stone oven .

Please inform your server about any food allergies!

Allergies Abbreviations: G-Gluten,C- Crustaceans, E-Eggs, F-Fish, M – Molluscs, S- Soybean, P- Peanuts, N- Nuts, MK- Milk, CY- Celery, MD- Mustard, SS- Sesame Seeds, SP – Sulphates, L-Lupin
All 14 allergens are openly used throughout our kitchen. Trace amounts may be present at all stages of cooking.

Warning: Bones may be present in chicken, fish menu items.

Ref: Meal Deals- please refer to the individual items on the menu for details on allergens present.